I love working with athletes and people that want to work hard and achieve as much success as possible. With 18 years experience of sports coaching, fitness instructing and mentoring, I feel I have a broad range of skills and abilities to help facilitate improvement to everyone who I work with.
I love the team ethos of offensive American Football, all working together towards one goal, each playing your specific part.
Good old fashioned ground and pound, smash mouth football is a joy to behold.
A national championship is the goal!

Favorite Professional/College Team(s):

Carolina Panthers

Coaching Mantra:

When coaching, I try to ensure that all my athletes leave each session a little bit better than they started .That could be fitter, stronger, faster, more knowledgeable, but overall an improved player/athlete.

Playing Career

2013 Sussex Saxons, Running Back, Kicker
2013-2019 Sussex Thunder, Running Back, Kicker

Coaching Career

2014-Present Sussex Saxons, RB Coach
2018-Present Sussex Thunder, RB Coach