Become a Player

Recruitment at the Sussex Thunder is a year-round process although we encourage people to try and attend one of our rookie camps which are usually held between November and January (These will be announced via the website and on our Facebook page).


What We Do

The Thunder participate in adult 11-a-side full-contact American football. Available to men & women 18 years and over.


When & Where

Training starts in November through until around September each year. Practice is at Falmer Sports Complex, Brighton.



We have a limited number of Helmets & Shoulder Pads for Rookie players to loan free of charge but encourage all players to purchase their own equipment

Important Points of Note


Playing Positions
During practice, players will be taught and encouraged to try all positions that they are physically suited to. When selecting players we take into account: ability, attitude, commitment to the team.


Practice Times & Locations
Thunder Adult practice sessions within the season are held at Falmer Sports Complex, Brighton on Sundays 1000-1400 and Thursdays 2000-2200. These are subject to change depending on weather/circumstances. In the unlikely event of us having to cancel a session, players will be informed at earliest convenience.


Player Subscription
The Sussex Thunder are a non-profit organisation. Player membership is where the Thunder get their funding from. Membership and game day fees must be paid by all players to the club. Game day fees will be applied to cover travel costs and game day medical staff.


League Registration

As well as registering with the team the player also has to register with the league so they are insured to play and so they appear on the team roster. Adult Player (19+) Registrations are £50.00 and must be paid to the league and not to the team.


What to Wear

As a general note please wear suitable athletic clothing and dress for the weather. We do not recommend the use of blades and please do not wear metal tipped studs. You will also need a gum shield for all activities. We also recommend you bring your own water/isotonic drinks.

Register your Interest as a Player