Play Call: Trips Right STICK, (F Swing Left)…on One

QBRead coverage Trips side and check back to back side slant if need be. Quick release on both H & Y Routes.  Look to go deep or come to back slide X Slant Route if Press coverage on H or Y.1.Y 2.Z 3.H 4.X
X3 Step Slant Route.  Make sure your inside foot is forward, on the third step, make a hard plant on your outside foot, drive at 45 degree angle inside, get your eyes around early.3 Yards
HRun Stick Route, Run 6 yard Hook, Read Line Backer and find hole in Coverage6 Yards
YRun 6 yard Hook Route.  Drive 6 yards, breaking down and coming back to the QB.  Find the soft zone and sit.6 Yards
ZRun Fade / Go Route. Gain outside leverage, turning the DB and get downfield as quick as possible.30 Yards
FRun Swing Route.  If not tagged then stay home and Pass ProtectSwing Route