Goal Line Sprint

Play Call example; Trips Right Tight GOAL LINE SPRINT Right, on one

QBFake a hand off through the 1 hole. Need to sell this to freeze the Linebackers.  Then sprint roll out towards the right about 5 yards deep. You should have multiple targets. If they are either covered or you are open then take the easy money and run into the endzone.  If all Receivers covered and you cannot get into the endzone throw the ball high and out of the endzone1.H 2.X 3.Z 4.F 5.Y
XArrow Out Route Defense will be in man in this situation so step across the face of the DB and get 3-4 yards depth before breaking down and driving to the corner of the endzone. Must get the DB to turn his back to the QB. Stay in back corner of endzone.8 Yards
HSpeed Out Route Chip Defensive End before releasing onto a shallow speed out route, no more than 3 yards into the endzone, shorten to 2 if we are playing on with shorter endzones. Keep the defender behind you.4 Yards
YCorner Route Motion from right to left. On the snap get 4 yards vertical before cutting towards the corner of the endzone. Try and rub the DB covering the Z Receiver on your way through10 Yards
ZDrag Route Get 3 steps vertical before dragging across the endzone. You must get depth as you cross and by the time you are across the face of the Center you must be dragging across the back of the endzone.  Be careful of the Y Motion.9 Yards
FFake a hand off through the 1 hole. If you sell this right, you may well be tackled. If not get 5 yards deep into the endzone and hook up towards the QB play action run side (right)5 Yards