Play Call example; Trips Left DELAY on two

QBZ route is a Delay underneath route.  Need to be patient to let this develop1.Z 2.Y 3.X 4.H
XPost Route Get inside leverage and accelerate downfield, after 8 yards break inside on a Post route, If 2 Safeties then bisect them, If one Safety run across front of him to freeze him inside. 18 Yards
HGo Route Gain inside leverage and proceed down field as quick as possible.30 Yards
YComeback Route Gain outside leverage and proceed down field, get to 15 yards before breaking down and driving back towards the sideline.15 Yards
ZDelay Route Delay at Line of Scrimmage for 1 second before running a 5 yard Speed In route.  You should be sitting in a nice open seam.5 Yards
FPass protection  unless tagged.