The Sussex Thunder Organisation are proud to announce that we will be fielding a second team in the BAFA National League this season. The Sussex Thunder Bolts will be playing in the South East Conference and will be playing teams form Division 1, 2 and at the Associate level. Those teams will be:


East Kent

South East


East Essex

Here at the Sussex Thunder, we want to give every player and Coach the chance to be the best they can be, the Thunder Bolts will allow players to do so.  The induction of the Thunder Bolts into Division 2 means that there is going to be a competitive season of football for Thunder practise squad members.

Players that originally might not get the playing time they desire, due to the vast number of committed players, will now get that chance to play week in, week out. Giving them a platform to showcase their skills in real, competitive game situations.

The entire Thunder organisation will operate together from week to week and will practise together as usual. The Thunder will have the ability to promote via transfer players from the Thunder Bolts as needed and if player development makes it necessary.

This is a huge step forward for everyone in the Thunder family. This expansion helps us continue to ensure that the Thunder is the most authentic American Football experience in the country.

Due to the expansion, we have a number of coaching opportunities with the Thunder Bolts. If there are any players or coaches that are keen to get involved with our organisation, please get in touch with the our Head Coach Ian Ellis using the form below:

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