Sussex Thunder has been working in the background to bring you the Thunder Companion app. Ahead of the new season it is vital that we ensure an increase in player performance. The app is going to put us ahead of the competition in every facet like player nutrition and health as well as streamlining remote learning which is now more important than ever. The app is now available on IOS and Android for mobile, tablet and PC.

With the Thunder Companion, app players and coaches will have access to all the new Thunder365 platform from almost any Google or Apple device, which has all the information needed for the season ahead and more. The state-of-the-art football operations platform makes it quick and easy to learn the team’s digital playbook and interface with players and coaches. Every play for offense, defence and specials teams is right there in the app, bringing the team closer together even when away from the field.

There are specific course discussion groups for every position on the app, making it easier than ever to communicate with your relevant coach. The app also has Instant messaging available and allow direct messaging. Each positional group has instant 24/7 video conferencing between anyone on the app. Making it that much easier by having the player and coach development material and messaging in the same place.

As well as communication being key, data analysis is essential to the development of the team. The Thunder Companion app gathers information from all players. Letting the team know how much work they are doing, what is going right and what needs improvement for each specific member of the team.

Players will have the ability to test themselves with a variety of assignments on playbook knowledge, rules and club protocols. All players will be required to read and confirm that they have read and understood the league rules before the beginning of the season. Once again consolidating data into one easy-to-use app.

Thunder is continuing to innovate with the creation of Thunder365, a full player development platform specifically designed around each and every need of the coaches and players. Thunder365 contains a plan for nutrition and fitness, ensuring that everyone involved is taking the right steps to progress themselves and the team every day.

With Thunder365, the Sussex Thunder AFC are working to ensure that Thunder has the right foundations to build a sustainable, performance organisation with communication at the middle of it all. Ground-breaking technology like this is just the beginning for a series of fantastic new developments and releases from Thunder in 2021 – Stay Tuned!

Written by Alfie Vincent

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